Nautel Vector Series ATU 500SR

The Nautel Vector Series ATU 500SR is an automatic antenna tuning unit designed to match the impedance of the Nautel’s CL-HD Helideck Antenna to the 50 ohm output impedance of the Nautel Vector Series VR125 transmitter.

  • Automatic antenna capacitance tuning using dual astatically wound loading coils
  • Standard adjustable series resistor optimizes the trade off between antenna efficiency and bandwidth
  • Remote control and monitoring of the ATU to limit worker exposure to strong RF fields, in keeping with Safety Code 6 / IEEE C95.1-1999
  • Compliant with the specifications and recommendations of ICAO Annex 10, Vol. 1, Part 1, Section 3.4
  • Cabinet enclosure designed to meet IP66 standard
  • Powered by 24 Vdc, supplied from VR125

Nautel Vector Series VR125 ATU500SR

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