It is critical for marine radios to have high reliability, communication and functionality because ships and offshore refinerie & platforms operate 24 hours daily and under the most severe weather environment. As such, the nature of marine and offshore communication is constantly seeking for quality and upgrading platforms. Because of this hunger for reliability communication in the harsh conditions, Standard Horizon offers a wide spectrum of products covering from High Frequency (HF) to Very High Frequency (VHF), these two being the most important frequencies range in marine & offshore communications. Standard Horizon also manufacture products for use in marine leisure activities such as for yachts and powerboats. Standard Horizon Malaysia radios are used in the fishing, shipping, oil & gas, offshore industries as well as installed in the base stations. Standard Horizon will continue to provide highly reliable products employing the latest in technology to the various market segments.

Standard Horizon Marine VHF

Standard Horizon Marine Handheld VHF

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