Icom IC-R9500 Communications Receiver

IC-R9500 is a professional communication receiver with 0.005 to 3335MHz coverage and high performance spectrum scope. For more Icom products, you can refer to our Icom Radio Malaysia main site.

Main features

  • 0.005-3335MHz wideband coverage
  • +40dBm 3rd order intercept point and 109dB dynamic range*
    *At 14.1MHz
  • Multi-function high performance spectrum scope
  • ±0.05ppm high frequency stability
  • ±3dB* accuracy of dBµ/dBµ(emf) /dBm meter
    *10 to 70dBµ signal between 100kHz to 3335MHz at 25°C
  • SSB/CW/AM mode auto tuning function
  • Optional P25 digital mode reception
  • Professional grade operation, functionality and build

Basic Performance

  • Wideband coverage
  • Superb receiver performance
  • Five roofing filters
  • Dual DSP
  • ±0.05ppm high frequency stability
  • Digital IF filter
  • Multi function spectrum scope
  • 7-inch wide color TFT LCD
  • Multiple RSSI
  • Noise blanker
  • Synchronous AM detection
  • FSK modulator & decoder
  • 10 VFOs
  • A total of 1220 memory channels
  • Digital voice recorder
  • Multi-scan functions
  • Voice synthesizer
  • USB connector

Various receive assist functions*
* Some functions are not available depending on operating mode or band.

  • SSB/CW/AM mode auto tuning function
  • AFC function compensates for frequency shifts(FM/WFM mode only)
  • Preamp and attenuator
  • 1/4 tuning step function and dial click function
  • CW-R (reverse) mode
  • APF (Audio Peak Filter)
  • AGC (Automatic Gain Control)
  • VSC (Voice Squelch Control)
  • Input overload protection (HF bands only)
  • Optional P25 digital mode reception
  • Analog TV tuner (NTSC/PAL/SECAM)*
    *Except USA version

Additional outstanding features

  • 4 antenna connectors: an SO-239 type, a phono (RCA) connector and two type-N connectors
  • S/P DIF output jack
  • Video input/output
  • Clock function with daily timer and sleep timer
  • CTCSS and DTCS tone squelch
  • Simplified frequency calibration using WWV or WWVH
  • Dial lock function
  • Panel lock function
  • Adjustable tuning step
  • Dimmer function
  • Monitor function

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