Nautel NDB system is widely used worldwide both in the marine and offshore market. Since 1970, Nautel non-directional beacon solid state transmitter has been in operation to guide helicopters to offshore platforms and vessels. Compliment with a helipad antenna, it provides reasonably efficient radiation, with no vertical obstruction. With a strong in house research and development team of design skills, Nautel NDB is fully compliance with both the IMO (International Maritime Organization) and MODU (Mobile Offshore Drilling Unit) regulations.
Regardless of local, remote or WIFI operation, Nautel Non-Directional Beacon is fully configurable and expandable. Main equipment for used in marine and offshore application includes the following.

  • Vector Series 125W/250W Transmitters
  • Vector Series ATU500SR 125W
  • CL-HD Helideck Antenna
  • Whip Antenna
  • VR-Link Remote Control and Monitoring Unit
  • NRB4 Beacon Receiver and NLA/2 Antenna
  • ECMP3 Extended Control and Monitoring Panel

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