Standard Horizon Fixed Mount Marine VHF GX1800 & GX1850

The STANDARD HORIZON Malaysia GX1850/GX1800 Marine VHF/FM Marine transceiver is designed to be used in International, USA, Canadian and other Region Marine channels. The GX1850/GX1800 series can be operated from 11 to 16 VDC and has a switchable RF output power of 1 watt or 25 watts.

The GX1850/GX1800 series is capable of DSC (Digital Selective Calling) ITU-R M.493 Class D operation with a 66-channel internal GPS (GX1850GPS, GX1850GPS/E, GX1800GPS and GX1800GPS/E only). Class D operation allows continuous reception of Digital Selective Calling functions on channel 70 even while receiving calls on the voice channels. The GX1850/GX1800 series operates on all currently-allocated marine channels and is switchable for use with International, USA, or Canadian regulations. Emergency channel 16 can be immediately selected from any other channel by pressing the [16/S] key.

Other features of the GX1850/GX1800 series include: NMEA 2000 compatibility (GX1850GPS, GX1850GPS/E and GX1850 only) and high expandability. It is capable of being connected to the optional wired SSM-70H (RAM4) microphone, which provides full remote control of all VHF and DSC functions. It also includes an intercom feature providing communication between the radio and the RAM4 microphone, scanning functions, priority scanning, dual watch, DSC position polling up to 6 vessels, high and low voltage warning, and repeatability of received GPS location information.

And more…

  • Meets ITU-R M.493-13 Class D DSC (Digital Selective Calling)
  • Separate Receiver for CH70 (Receiving DSC Calls)
  • Ultra-slim and compact Rear case design (Depth 3.3″, 82mm)
  • NMEA 0183 Connectivity
  • E2O (Easy to Operate) Icon & Menu System
  • Preset key stores up to 10 favorite channels
  • Second Station Remote Microphone (Optional RAM4 SSM-70H)
  • Intercom Feature between the Radio and an Optional Second Station
  • Automatic DSC polling of up to 6 ships GPS positions
  • Programmable Scan, Priority Scan, and Multi Watch
  • GPS Compass, Waypoint and GPS status pages (when connected to a GPS)
  • Enter, Save, and Navigate to a waypoint using the Compass page (when connected to a GPS)
  • Navigation (LAT/LON, SOG, and COG) information shown on display (when connected to a GPS)
  • GM (Group Monitor) Using DSC Group position Calling
  • MOB (Man over Board) Operation
  • Selectable Night Mode Display
  • Noise canceling microphone with channel change selection, 16/S and H/L keys
  • NOAA Weather channels with weather Alert
  • Automatic DSC polling of up to 6 ships GPS positions


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